5x7 White Envelopes

Order 5x7 White Envelopes and get FREE shipping! Perfect for mailing 5x7 greeting cards or event invitations. Available with convenient self-seal options. Add return & mailing addresses to save time. 5x7 White Envelopes are great for all occasions. These white A7 envelopes are often used to mail cards, wedding invitations, photos, and more. We offer several styles of white envelopes with a variety of flaps and paper weights to choose from. We also offer white envelopes with red, gold, or silver foil lining. Foil lined white 5x7 envelopes are perfect for holiday events or special occasions such as weddings. Use 5x7 white envelopes for weddings, parties, birthdays, announcements or any special events.

Not sure which one style is right for you? Our Basis line of envelopes is a heavy weight paper, designed for mailing or special events. These envelopes are ideal for weddings or events when you need to include an RSVP envelope. Choose a standard weight 5x7 white envelope for a variety of invitations, cards, or sending 5x7 photos. Select the Cougar paper option for a high-end look. We offer standard gum flap, or convenient self seal options. Save time addressing your envelopes, and choose the Printed option. We can easily print mailing and return addresses directly on your envelopes. If you would like to add a special design, simply upload your artwork and we can print that for you as well.