Business Envelopes

Business Envelopes | #10, Window, Security, Check & Self-Seal Envelopes

Shop for Business Envelopes and get fast free shipping! Use to mail checks, invoices, statements and more. Choose from a wide selection of sizes and styles. The most popular business envelope is the #10 envelope. This size easily fits checks, statements, trifold brochures, and more. #10 envelopes easily fit #9 envelopes. Great for mailing business reply envelopes. Make it easy to collect payments and donations. Check out larger business envelopes sizes like 6x9, 9x12, and 10x13 envelopes. Mail larger inserts, like catalogs, booklets, brochures without bending or folding. Sizes range from smaller payment envelopes to larger catalog or booklet mailing envelopes. Need help deciding which envelope size you need? Read our Envelope Size Guide to help you decide.
Choose from standard white, manila, or a variety of bright, bold colored envelopes. Select a shade to match your brand or marketing campaign. Great for holiday promotions or to stand out from everyday mailings. Interested in printing your logo or return address? We also offer custom business envelopes in several sizes and styles. Or display pre-printed addresses in one of the Poly-film windows. A few business envelopes feature windows to match you mailing needs. Also check out our security tint envelope options. Several sizes feature a printed security tint pattern. Protect contents from view - even when held up to the light. For a convenient sealing option, choose a self seal closure for an easy and mess-free seal. Save time sending out direct mail campaigns or other business communication.


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