10x13 Clasp Envelopes

10x13 Clasp Envelopes | Custom 10x13 Clasp Envelopes

Order 10x13 Clasp Envelopes and get FREE shipping. These envelopes are great for interoffice use or mailing large documents or presentation folders. Made from a sturdy brown kraft paper, they are much tougher then a standard envelope. This large envelope is perfect for mailing catalogs, brochures, reports, or any oversize documents. Since it also has a standard gum seal option, 10x13 clasp envelopes are also great for mailing. The gum seal that will help contain the contents while in transit.

Personalize your project, by choosing custom 10x13 clasp envelopes. Print your logo, return address, or other artwork on the envelope of your choice! These envelopes are perfect for collecting items, or tracking delivery information. Print a form on the front to make recording information easy. Use these large clasp envelopes in the office for filing, or inter-department document delivery. While black ink often looks best on a brown or manila envelope, we also offer full color printing if needed.

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