6x9 Clasp Envelopes

6x9 Clasp Envelopes | Custom 6x9 Clasp Envelopes

Order 6x9 Clasp Envelopes and get FREE shipping. Blank and custom clasp envelopes are perfect for interoffice use and mailing documents or brochures. Made with durable paper and a convenient metal clasp closure, this envelope is tough enough to handle a variety of uses. These envelopes can fit several 8 1/2 x 11 sheets, folded in half.

Use 6x9 clasp envelopes for regular mailing or interoffice use. The sturdy Brown Kraft paper makes them ideal for repeated use. The metal clasp makes it easy to open and close as needed. These clasp envelopes also have a small gum seal. If you choose to mail this envelope, use the standard gum seal to ensure the contents stay safe and secure during transit. For interoffice or repeated use, use the metal clasp.

Using for filing or storage? Custom 6x9 clasp envelopes can be printed with your artwork, logo, return address, contact information or any other information. Black ink typically looks best on Brown Kraft paper, but we offer full color printing if needed.

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