Security Window Envelopes

Security Window Envelopes | Business Envelopes with Inside Tint

Order Security Window Envelopes and get FREE shipping! Choose from single or double window envelopes with an inside tint. Perfect for mailing checks, invoices or documents containing sensitive information. These envelopes feature a Poly-film window which displays a pre-printed mailing address through the envelope and a printed security-tint pattern on the inside. Contents are hidden from view, even when held up to the light, which is ideal for business communication when privacy is important.

Choose from a variety of sizes including business-sized and large. Business security window envelopes are perfect for folded documents or checks, while large security window envelopes fit multiple sheets of paper. The transparent poly-film window is generally located in the lower left hand corner of the envelope. Order blank envelopes or personalize by including company logos, return address or other artwork in the upper left corner. Security window envelopes make business mailing convenient and hassle free.