6x9 Window Envelopes

6x9 Window Envelopes | Custom 6x9 Window Envelopes

Order 6x9 Window Envelopes and get FREE shipping! Offer recipients a glimpse into envelope contents with a built-in transparent Poly-film window. Great for mailing brochures, pamphlets, small catalogs and more. Also, the 6x9 envelope fits a standard (8 1/2 x 11) folded in half. Brand for your company by personalizing with your logo or return address. Order standard blank envelopes or work with our art/design team to create a customized product your organization will love..

6x9 Window Envelopes are a wonderful option for your mailing needs. Conveniently sized to fit most business mailings. Suited for showcasing pre-printed mailing addresses through the transparent window. The window is located in the bottom left corner of the envelope. Additionally, we can customize envelopes to include company logos, mailing addresses or advertising information.