5x7 Envelopes

5x7 Envelopes | 5x7 Invitation Envelopes - Colored, White, Natural

Shop for 5x7 Envelopes and get fast free shipping! Use these envelopes to send invitations, greeting cards, or 5x7 photos. Also called A7 envelopes, they measure 5 1/4" tall by 7 1/4" wide.

Choose from a variety of pastel or bright colors to match your invitations or event. You can also select natural or 5x7 white envelopes for a more traditional or formal look. Looking for something unique or vintage? A7 or 5x7 Bag Kraft envelopes will have the perfect texture and can be used as an ideal 5x7 invitation envelope.

5x7 Envelopes are also referred to as A7 envelopes. You can use them for cards or invitations that measure up to 5 1/8 x 7 1/8 inches. If you have a thick invitation or multiple items, you may want limit your insert to 5x7. These envelopes are larger enough to hold a card or invitation along with a smaller RSVP envelope, like an A1 or A2 size.

Available in heavier weight paper from our Basis line, bright Astrobrights, or Cougar smooth paper in white or natural. These 5x7 envelopes are offered with a traditional gum flap -- requiring moisture to seal -- or a quick and easy peel & seal strip. Choose from a standard straight flap or an angled Baronial flap for a more formal look.

Need to personalize your 5x7 envelopes? Shop Custom Invitation Envelopes.