Check Envelopes

Check Envelopes for Payroll & Accounting - Single & Double Window

Shop for Check Envelopes and get fast FREE shipping! Use single or double window check envelopes available in a variety of sizes to mail business checks. Choose from several envelope sizes, including #6 3/4, #7 3/4, #8 5/8, #9 and #10 envelopes.

The most popular check envelope sizes are #8 5/8, #9, and #10. A #10 is the most standard business envelope size. This size is often used for larger business checks. #8 5/8 or #9 envelopes are slightly smaller, and are often used with popular accounting software. 

Select from single or double window envelopes to match your business mailing needs. Use single window envelopes to display a pre-printed mailing address. Print your business logo, return address, or custom design for a polished and professional look. Want to skip hand-addressing or printing envelopes? Check out a double window check envelope. Display both a pre-printed mailing address and your return address.

We offer envelopes for checks with several convenient options -- like self seal or security tint. Mail sensitive information with confidence. Choose check envelopes with a tinted inside pattern to hide personal information from view. For a quick and easy mailing option, select check envelopes with a self seal. Just peel the paper strip and press to seal for an efficient mailing method that is sure to save you time. 

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