Donation Envelopes

Custom Donation Envelopes - For Nonprofit Fundraising

Order Donation Envelopes and get FREE shipping! Donation envelopes are ideal for use at your church, nonprofit, school, or any fundraising effort. Use these envelopes to collect gifts and donations to support your cause. The easiest way to get support for your cause begins with the right envelope. Typically, organizations will print a form somewhere on the envelope where donors can write down their credit card information. They can insert cash, checks, or fill out the form to easily make a donation.

Need help creating your envelope?  Download our donation envelope templates.

Personalize your envelopes with your organization's message, contact information, a form to collect information, custom design or artwork, and more to create Custom Donation Envelopes. Adding a message about your mission will encourage your donors and members to contribute to your important cause. The customized envelopes make a huge difference. Being prepared at special events is key to being able to gain the support your cause needs. This would also be a great way to collect information about your supporters.

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