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Order Offering Envelopes and get FREE shipping! Use church offering envelopes during services or special events. Members can insert cash, personal checks, and write down their credit card information. Use the envelope to collect gifts, donations, and member information. These envelopes can be mailed out with a newsletter and sent back with a donation. Supply your members with these envelopes and pens at special events. If they don't have cash or personal checks handy, they can always write down their credit card information.

We have a few styles of offering envelopes that will conceal any handwritten or printed information once sealed. Personalize your church offering envelopes with a special message that informs your members about your cause and mission. Print a form as well, this will give your donors who don't carry cash or checks a chance to make a contribution. Collect using these during the church service, or if your church is having a special event make these available to your members. It is also common to print a form to collect information about the member. Ask them if they would like to volunteer or if they would like their gift to go to the school or a special project.

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