Tithe Envelopes

Tithe Envelopes | Custom Tithe Envelopes For Church Giving

Order Tithe Envelopes and get FREE shipping! Use to collect tithes, offerings, and more for your church or nonprofit. Print your logo or custom design. These envelopes are often used for church offerings. Collect cash or checks during church services. Make it easy for your members to donate regularly. Perfect for standard services or special events. These offering envelopes are fully customizable. Design a printed envelope to match the specific needs of your organization. Add a logo, address, religious affirmation, and much more! Need help customizing your envelopes? Check out our Personalized Tithe Envelopes Builder for step-by-step design help. 

Tithe envelopes typically feature an easy open tab. The decorative, scalloped tab makes it easy for members to store offerings. Quickly stuff cash, coins or checks securely in the envelope. This envelope style cannot be mailed. It works best for in-person giving during services and events. Remittance Envelopes, like #6 3/4 Remittance, are another popular envelope style. This envelope style features a larger wallet flap. The larger print area makes it easy to collect credit card and donor information. Choose from a variety of colors to complement your organization and grab your member's attention. Also ideal for special holiday services. 

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