10x13 Expansion Envelopes - 24# White

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Order 10x13 Expansion Envelopes and get FREE shipping! Perfect for mailing a large amount of documents or bulky objects in one easy shipment. Simple solution for sending out presentation folders, thick catalogs or brochures, or other items. This 10x13 envelope expands up to 1 1/2 inches thick. Conveniently expands when a sender needs extra space for their package contents. The self sealing adhesive strip is easy to use and requires no moisture to seal. These white expansion envelopes are thick and durable, ensuring effective and efficient delivery of package contents. 10x13 Expansion Envelopes are made from a heavy weight paper material. This is a tougher material and is ideal for shipping items. These envelopes also feature a middle seam and an opening on their short side where a sender can insert package contents. Accordion/expansion opening on the short side of the envelope is perfect for creating extra room when mailing a large amount of documents or items needing extra space. Expandable envelopes are a nice alternative to large shipping boxes or cartons. Opening folds easily back to original size due to the accordion style design. These envelopes are ideal for order fulfillment, or sending a variety of items. They provide a solution to the threat of tears due to overstuffing a regular sized envelope. Offers assurance that package contents will fit into envelopes without strain. Avoid damage to your package contents and ensure a safe delivery by using 10x13 Expansion Envelopes. The flap includes a self sealing adhesive strip that peels off and easily seals when the sender applies pressure. This helps ensure safe and efficient packaging without the hassle of using moisture to seal. 10x13 Expansion Envelopes offer a convenient way to save space when needing to send larger packages.

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