9x12 Tyvek Envelopes - 11# Tyvek - White

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SKU: E613
SIZE: 9 x 12
COLOR: White
STYLE: Catalog
SEAL: Self Seal

Order 9x12 Tyvek Envelopes and get FREE shipping! Made from moisture and tear resistant material offering superior protection for your package. Great for sending important documents, special delivery items or bulkier items that need extra protection from damage. Use 9x12 Tyvek Envelopes to give your package contents an extra layer of protection from the elements. Save money on postage with this lightweight alternative to large shipping boxes or cartons. Eliminate concern over damage due to inclement weather or rough handling during shipping. 9x12 Tyvek Envelopes have a middle seam and a straight flap on their short side. The self seal adhesive strip is attached to the flap. This strip guarantees efficient packaging with no moisture required to seal. The adhesive strip peels off and easily seals by applying pressure onto the flap.

As a result, senders can quickly package contents and receivers can easily access. The strong material prevents rips, tears and moisture damage. Protects package contents without adding extra weight. Tyvek is the industry standard for protective shipping material used to send important packages. Perfect for sending brochures, catalogs, posters or calendars. Also, these envelopes can fit an 8 1/2x11 document. The self seal adhesive strip provides a secure seal packaging while giving easy accessibility to the receiver. 9X12 Tyvek Envelopes are a reliable option for your mailing needs and offer high-performance protection. In addition to strength, the material is durable and lasts longer than regular paper. Resembles regular paper yet feels thicker. This provides an extra line of defense from potential damage due to long distance shipping. Also, most ink pens and markers will work on Tyvek material. You can recognize Tyvek material by its unique swirl pattern. 9x12 Tyvek Envelopes are a great option for sending important packages without worrying about damage.

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