6x9 Catalog Envelopes

6x9 Catalog Envelopes | White & Colored Catalog Envelopes

Order 6x9 Catalog Envelopes and get FREE shipping. White and colored open-end envelopes - perfect for sending brochures, documents, or other items. 6x9 catalog envelopes are great for mailing a variety of materials. The convenient location of the opening, at the top of the envelope, makes it easy to insert documents. These envelopes perfectly fit several sheets of standard paper (8 1/2" x 11") folded in half. Use these envelopes to mail, sort, or store. Print a form on the outside of the envelope and use to collect items or track important information.

We offer a wide selection of styles, colors, and papers to choose from. 6x9 catalog envelopes are available with a standard gum seal, or a convenient self seal strip. We can also personalize these 6x9 catalog envelopes with your logo, return address, or other artwork. Choose a bright color to help your envelopes stand out from other items. Colored envelopes typically look best printed with black ink, but we can also print full-color artwork if needed. Simply choose the size and color you need, and then select the Printed option to customize your 6x9 catalog envelopes.